5+ International Jobs That Provide Housing


Housing is a huge expense: a one-bedroom apartment in the United States costs more than $1300 per month on average, and rent rates in major cities throughout the world are hitting new highs. As a result, employment that provide housing can make excellent financial sense since they eliminate a big expenditure and allow you to save a larger portion of your pay.

Jobs that entail housing are also a great chance to experience a different section of the nation or the world. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top alternatives, ranging from entry-level jobs to worldwide opportunities.





Live-In Nanny


Ranch Hand


Agricultural Worker


Self-Storage Employee

Job Housing Details


If you’ve always wanted to run a small hotel or bed & breakfast, this may be the right career for you. There are chances for both co-management and senior leadership. You may also explore starting your own hotel or bed and breakfast.

Live-In Nanny:

A live-in nanny is generally full-time or more for folks who like working with children. Long hours are normal, yet the job provides its own satisfaction. You will be entrusted with the care of children and will become a member of the family.


In the best-case scenario, live-in nannies will work with the same family for many years. You will reside with the family or at nearby accommodations.

Ranch Hand:

Working as a ranch hand anywhere from Texas to Montana is a possibility if you have expertise herding cattle or caring for horses — or are willing to learn. Ranch jobs are popular because of the sense of community that is built among employees, as well as the possibilities to enhance skills and connect with individuals from all over the nation.

Agricultural Worker:

Seasonal agricultural worker occupations that include housing range from picking apples, apricots, and plums in western Washington to picking grapes in northern California or corn in Iowa. These positions are often available during the summer, however late and early-season agricultural harvests are also possible.


Self-Storage Employee:

Self-storage facilities must be secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, many businesses prefer to provide on-site employee housing. This is also one of the careers that may be obtained with little to no prior experience.

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