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In order to demonstrate environmental stewardship and contribute to transformational change, we will incorporate environmental awareness, preservation, and regeneration into our holistic ecology programme model. Provide technical assistance in the development and humanitarian theme areas of work throughout the design, execution, and evaluation of programme strategies and associated initiatives. Coordination, facilitation, and embedding of learning and best practises across programme teams, as well as promotion of South-South learning, sharing, and support

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Job Requirements

  • Experience collaborating with a wide range of local and international organisations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America;
  • Experience working in development and humanitarian programmes in many theme areas;
  • Capable of establishing partnerships and empowering various stakeholders across geographic boundaries
  • Proven experience working on the environment and/or climate adaptation within development and humanitarian programmes, preferably in partnership-based approaches;
  • Proven expertise designing standards, guidelines, tools, and training materials to incorporate environmental awareness, protection, and regeneration into development and humanitarian programmes;
  • Proven expertise delivering senior-level technical advise on programme design, execution, and evidence-based environmental protection and regeneration;
  • Proven expertise using evidence-based techniques and technologies to assist programme adaption and improve programme quality.

Job Benefits

  • Will be discussed at the time of interview¬†

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