Top 5 High Paying Jobs In Agriculture


Agriculture careers provide several fascinating prospects for those studying in agriculture. This is a very adaptable area with opportunities in a variety of employment settings. The following vocations may be of interest to agriculture graduates seeking for the best-paying jobs in this industry. These positions not only pay well, but in most cases, applicants just need a bachelor’s degree in agriculture to get an entry-level career.



Food Scientists


Agricultural Economists


Environmental Engineers


Agricultural Operations Managers


Agricultural Engineers

Job Details:

1.Food Scientists

A food scientist is one of the highest-paying jobs in agriculture today. A food scientist’s major goal is to guarantee that food and food production systems are safe for customers. Food scientists may specialise in regulatory, processing, quality control, or research and development. These specialists may be in charge of responsibilities such as monitoring manufacturing, assessing nutrients, enhancing food items, and ensuring that firms follow food standards, depending on their area of specialty.

2.Agricultural Economists

An agricultural economist is another another high-paying agriculture job. Agricultural economists study the supply and demand for agricultural goods by examining agricultural data and statistics. They are also in charge of spotting trends in the agriculture industry and forecasting the future. Many of these professions specialise in agricultural or livestock research, food safety, rural development, policy analysis, or international commerce. Typically, a graduate degree in agriculture or economics is necessary for this professional path.

3.Environmental Engineers

Another excellent job path for agricultural students is that of an environmental engineer. Environmental engineers have a wide range of duties, including working to enhance air and water quality, public health, and waste disposal. Depending on where one works, environmental engineers may also be in charge of quality control and inspecting industrial facilities. While a bachelor’s degree is often necessary for entry-level careers in this sector, a master’s degree can expand one’s employment options.

4.Agricultural Operations Managers

Agricultural operations managers are also among the highest-paying jobs in the industry. These individuals are in charge of managing the different operations that take place in sites such as industrial farms, greenhouses, agricultural production facilities, and nurseries. Typical tasks of agricultural operations managers include overseeing lower-level personnel, planning and organising company activities, employing and training staff, selecting and purchasing equipment, and keeping the financial records of their employers. These occupations demand a bachelor’s degree in agriculture as a minimum.

5.Agricultural Engineers

A position as an agricultural engineer is another excellent career option for agriculture majors. Aquaculture, forestry, land farming, conservation improvement, environmental planning, and biofuel development are all responsibilities of agricultural engineers. Individuals interested in this field must have at least a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professions are now in modest demand, with the average annual income for agricultural engineers in 2018 being slightly more than $77,000.

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